Amazon Shipping - What does this mean & how do you follow

Amazon Shipping - What does this mean & how do you follow

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Amazon Shipping = Shipped by Amazon’s courier network (often outsourced to other delivery companies).

Tracking is often limited to just progress to dispatching within the Amazon warehouse up to an out for delivery email. Not as in depth as UPS etc where you know an exact delivery time and/or your number in the delivery queue.


I have gotten a package sent from amazon delivery they ship faster compared to usps and i think you need the app to track your order first time it happened to me i kinda felt confused too

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I’ve ordered from Anker directly and had winnings from Anker sent from Anker Shipping. They ship quicker than most shipping vendors and they ship faster than non-prime free shipping orders.

But for the most part there isn’t tracking.

Yup, as others have said, Amazon Logistics (sometimes abbreviated as AMZL US) is Amazon’s own delivery service. You can track the progress through their website or app. Here is an example of the tracking info you get:


Yes. This is true and it happened to me a couple of time.

Shipped by Amazon-No tracking.

Not true. You can clearly see from my post above that they do provide tracking. Maybe not as detailed info as FedEx or UPS but they provide the most important info.

it depends some time if you have the Amazon app on your phone you can track it by map where it will show you where the driver is and how many more stops until your package. But it doesn’t work all the time though or else it’s just the simple it’s out for delivery