Amazon Live | The Truth About iPhone 12 Charging

Hey Anker Fans,

Another Friday means another livestream!

This week Aaron is joined by special guests Copper vs Glass and Matt Talks Tech to discuss the details of the iPhone 12 launch. They’ll also be taking a look at which Anker tech is best suited to giving the new iPhone a high-speed charge.

To find out more, make sure you join the livestream on Fri. Oct 16, 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET by clicking on this link: Amazon Live


Happy Friday guys! :wink:


Can’t be Friday already!
Where has the week gone?
Hope you’ve had a great one @AnkerOfficial Pei.

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If it so much difference between iPhone 12 and iPhone 12 Pro Max in the battery (2900 vs 4100 mAh) .
Does Pro Max need an instant FastCharge block ?
Btw Happy Friday Everyone!


Yeah, this is the day I’m looking forward to … :heart_eyes:
Thanks @AnkerOfficial :+1:

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Anker fans know 20W is trivial and welcome the success to Anker of Apple not bundling 5W chargers.


Wow crazy that is Friday already. Hopefully I remember to tune in if not then oh well I’m not an iPhone user anyway


Friday is payday! (was in the past) :rofl:

Yes and it was in cash in sealed envelope, the man would hand it to the wife who’d then give the man’s pocket money allowed for the week and put the rest in jars to save for the upcoming needs.

Back when no debts and humble living.


The wife was waiting at the factory’s gate to catch the beloved husband.
Otherwise…All gone.
I have seen this in the 50-ies!

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Happy Friday Pei @Ankerofficial thanks for the details on livestream

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Great, I’ll make sure to tune in

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Iphone 12 surport 20-23 or 30w ? :yum:

I think it’s 20w

Yup you’re correct it’s 20W

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They might support 30w… In a couple of years lol

:rofl: only they know when. But I don’t get why they are so slow at rolling it out

Your guess is as good as mine :joy:

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I know there is an argument for not consuming high wattage when battery is >50% but the damage to the cells doesn’t occur when cell nearly empty, so if Apple moved to nearer to Android’s technology the 0%-50% would lower, proportional to Wattage. The total 0%-100% would not be proportionally that much faster.

You can see the steepness shallowing of the charging curve here

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