Amazon Live | How We're Powering The World's Fastest Rowers!

Hey Anker Fans,

Last week we had a few technical problems which cut short our livestream, so this time we’re back to show it again in full.

Aaron had a chat with Flo, Hannah, and Georgie from Atlantic Antics as they gear up for their challenge of trying to row across the Atlantic Ocean!

Tune in to find out more about how and why they plan to take on such a daunting challenge. Click the link to join our livestream on Fri. Oct 30, 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET: Amazon Live

Power On!


(We got the another severe lockdown here in Germany next Monday)

So the majority of us feel here like those on the photo.

But I will never loose my humor!

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Thanks for the headsup @AnkerOfficial :+1:

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Pre-recorded interview with the UK based rowers?

Have a good one.

Halloween rowing theme.


Hope this stream works better