Amazon Live | How We're Powering The World's Fastest Rowers

Hey Anker Fans,

Another Friday means another livestream!

This week we’ve got something completely different in store for you all. Aaron will be joined by Flo, Hannah, and Georgie from Atlantic Antics as they gear up for their challenge of trying to row across the Atlantic Ocean!

Tune in to find out more about how and why they plan to take on such a daunting challenge. Click the link to join our livestream on Fri. Oct 23, 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET: Amazon Live

Power On!



Looks like a fun group. They in UK so 2am finish?

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They definitely sound like a fun group from the podcast Lawrence and Sean did. Will have to watch the replay of this stream since watching cricket replay takes up nights for us :joy:

not working :frowning:


Found you eventually. Heavily bandwidth limited, pixelated. Restarted browser, restarted computer. Seems to be not me. Frozen, useless about 80% of the time.

Oof yea pretty bad today

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Tried to join but just can’t handle it because I can barely understand after couple seconds of audio

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The 3 ladies and Aaron seem to be holding a chat, so hosts seem to get bandwidth?

But yes, unusable today. Shame.

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Maybe Amazon things then

Amazon must be running their own servers and/or own network, it’s very slow.

I’m wondering if next time if all cameras turned off would help preserve the limited Amazon bandwidth to audio? I’d be happy with just audio on a bad day rather than a minute of frozen nothing.

Shame to keep 3 ladies from their sleep, from the obvious UK accents, big bright smiles positive attitude, frozen in time on screen. Night night Mary Ellen.

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Yea they sure sound like they are from UK and they also mentioned something in the podcast which instantly told me they were from UK. Honestly sucks but better for you to go to sleep tonight

Too bad I couldn’t tune in but seems like the stream quality wasn’t good, shame

It was barely audible most of the time, to be pointless. I don’t know if coincidence but having it connect both USA west coast and UK and connect 4 screens, may have contributed to Amazon’s feeble capabilities being overloaded.

I was wondering if just turn off the video to at least make audio work.

I see similarities with BBC news where they remote in different people and as soon as the remote person talks they also get animated and move their body with a complex background and the frame delta adds to video bandwidth needs and then the audio cuts out. A simpler background and only moving mouth would lower the bandwidth need but then why not just do audio.

Wonder if the same Ralph that got into the soundcore 100 in 100 stream got into this one too… looking like it was wrecked…

I forgot this was going, so missed it… any value in the replay?

The replay is useless.

What happened was there was prerecorded video playing, then Aaron went live, then Aaron stopped it. That 6 minutes section is the recording, that’s all you see is 5 mins of prerecorded then a minute of low quality video, mention of myself then it stops.

The stream was then restarted, but that was not recorded.

My suggestion is if this happens next time to just stop live video, or budget limit it to just the speaker. I’d also encourage if on the video to have a simple background which doesn’t change when you move. Having a plain surface behind your moving part would cause less bandwidth needs.

The people with shelves and complex surfaces behind their heads are not helping with the Amazon live limited technology.

If you see how look at this screenshot as it degraded.

See the lower left person had behind them a complex pattern of a wall, lamp, desk, then see how it degraded trying to squeeze that difference in the next image

You see the same way the background blurred into foreground in the other 3 images.

Aaron can’t know when Amazon Live is going to have a bad day, but all on camera can try to have the items immediately behind them a plain surface, and Aaron may be able to make it audio only and video only on say one person at a time. Even then, it may not work well.

I’ve used Zoom, Hangouts, WebEx and a few others, what Hangouts does is a good idea that if you’re not speaking they don’t transmit your video, Amazon live doesn’t seem to be that clever so likely it’s the host has to attempt it manually.

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This is a special Halloween edition! :rofl:

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They were on a podcast over in the other place if you wish to hear from them.

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Sounds like it didn’t miss much then. Judging by the screens you posted seems like it was a mess lol