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Hey Anker Fans,

Another Friday means another livestream!

This week, Aaron will be showing off a selection of the most fashionable and sexy Anker tech including colorful designs, limited edition products, and more. Of course, our fashion show would not be complete without lots of exclusive discounts!

So if you’re looking for something to spice up your charging life, or to find an Anker product in a color that suits you, then join us on Fri. July 24, 5 PM PT / 8 PM ET via this link: Amazon Live

Power On!


If I get home in time I should be able to watch this one

I’m really hoping I can get on this as close to 8 pm as possible

For UK hours.

@Chiquinho you may be awake for this one in Munchen.

Great job @AP_Gotzon


Do we know anyone whose questions were asked, from the other competition

Next week. July 31st, not July 24th.


Wow, it’s Friday already!

I’ve been home for the past few days, and time all blends together. I guess that means I missed the stream lol.

I guess this is how most people feel during quarantine lol.

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Oops… I thought it was today. Thank you @professor

Too many competitions from Anker, tough to keep track :sweat_smile:


Same until I saw it was next friday on the stream lol

I know we should rename the days


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New headphones revealed, huh?

Adam was on there for a little while and I asked if one of them is Life Dot 2. He said maybe and asked me to look again :joy:

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I believe you are most interested in marketing? I’ve mentioned this before, marketing is in a healthy tension with sales, to a degree they compete and undermine each other.

Sales do not want future products to be mentioned, unless they are in a new product category, as they give a pause, an excuse, for a current prospective buyer to not purchase today as there’s something better soon.

Marketing want to build up steadily an interest in a future product, using varied and fun methods and repeat the coming soon until it arrives. If anything, controversy, like it’s late, causes dialogue which keeps it in the minds of future owners, so marketing kind of like slipped product targets so long as products are not totally cancelled (as they pulled interest away from other coming-soon products). So a degree of controversy, mild annoyance is slightly net positive for marketing. Although straight up marketing people, in their DNA, are not consciously aware they are annoying, they swim a stream of consciousness of moving from fun to fun, and never look back or compare what was said with what was actual. So the fact you are noticing marketing mismatching actual makes me think marketing is not in your DNA.

Engineering is also in tension with sales and marketing. Engineering would prefer longer time to tweak a product, as every day they wake with a new idea to make a better product. A good engineer hates marketing, as what they said becomes warped from true to (often in error) not-true. e.g. “I said bluetooth 4.2 you said version 5, get it correct”

If you are interested in marketing, then understand the mear act of your words, of repeatedly announcements, and slipping, to a degree is deliberate marketing technique. While not wanting to annoy you, the fact you notice is keeping it in the minds of those reading your words.

These Live events only mention shipping product, so it’s straight up sales. Every question we ask about futures gets deflected, or with far off and expensive product replies.

Of the 3 skills: engineering, sales, marketing, the one I observe requires true genius is sales. Engineering is raw memory, learn electrical engineering and you’re done. Marketing is just hyperbole and never look back, Sales is tying a consumer’s needs and wants to a product, which is a truly rare talent and I’m not sure can ever be learned.


Only semi-related, but I saw this fun video about store marketing yesterday. Definitely a kid friendly approach to the subject, but it’s still interesting.

Every questions on Future is answered with a tactical response, sometimes timelines - sometimes “more in store for users - keep watching”. Very much agree on it - they are being mindful of what is being committed on Official Live Stream

Questions on related to issues or detailed feature set are pointed to Anker / sister company support.

Live streams are targeted for customers who have a need and looking for products for their needs and Answer basic questions. Anker / Soundcore are doing good at those, showcasing all their products.

I would agree these livestreams are mostly for sales and marketing existing products.

Have asked Adam to showcase Cosmos Series in one of these livestreams, hope to see this someday, from Anker on this livestream. :crossed_fingers:

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No post about today’s livestream…


Yea I asked Adam about it on Soundcore community. Let’s see what he says since we need a link to join lol

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Was just about to post it lol

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