Amazon Is Making a Rival to Apple’s AirPods as Its First Alexa Wearable

Company plans wireless earbuds for second half of this year
Move is attempt to take Alexa mobile after flopped Fire phone


This is a good move by Amazon, Amazon survives on marketing it’s products - hope we don’t hear Ads on not these earpods :grin:

You are listening to a song on Amazon earpods, and suddenly interrupted - "Sign up for Amazon Prime, now includes movies and songs… " :joy:

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Sounds interesting. I might buy a pair :man_shrugging:. Thanks for sharing this article :+1:

Looks like they are learning from apple, google, samsung and will try to remove most of the shortcomings. And please no ads :slight_smile:

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Price will matter, these have to be lesser than Apple Airpods else, does not make sense going for these.

Amazon might have these available only for the Prime members initially plus ordering might be limited to via Echo devices & Alexa … This is knowing how Amazon operates,

Plus need to have a killer feature which is lacking in Airpods ( I really can’t think what it can be)

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Noticed on MacRumors a day or so ago but it as referenced as trying to rival the upcoming PowerBeats Pro Wireless buds…

I’ve purchased several Amazon own products and never had any issues, so might be tempted to try a set :grin:


Did you try the Amazon Fire Phone ( :joy: :joy: :joy:

and your experience?

Over the years I’ve purchased Amazon products either branded or developed by them and never had an issue with them. Depending on prices I might have to give these try as long they don’t add Alexa Ads to them.

Nice, competition is always good.