Amazon has started deleting incentivized reviews

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Well it was bound to happen after it hit the press. Simple thing now is to not mention item was supplied as a sample, then your review should just be treated as a review of the item rather than as an ‘incentivised’ review. Unless they enforce verified purchases only as reviewable items, which again can be biased.

Kinda a vicious circle for such a trivial thing. If you buy an item and it doesn’t meet up to the reviews, just return, simples :astonished:

Honestly I think this whole ordeal has given Amazon a bad rap. Did they even see a high rate in returns with those products that were being given such high reviews? The return policy across the board is swayed, part of it is paying postage to send item back, sometimes not, sometimes if the item is cheap enough they’ll just let you keep it and refund the rest … but overall, I’m tired of Amazon. And they didn’t give me anything free in return for MY review … :stuck_out_tongue:

And this whole thing about 3rd party vendors contacting me to give me discount codes for products to review is … annoying, Amazon could definitely have locked that down, and there is a way to make them “go away,” I’d just rather not deal with it. Now, I will say some nicer things about Amazon, like their Prime two day shipping, Video, Music, all of those pay for themselves through the membership especially if you’re a student. But after my subscription ends I am done with them. This story alone makes me tired.

Been discussed already.

@amangons You do realize this is from 2016 right?

No I didn’t

I was just going through the “posts” at the bottom, which I thought were new, or at least fairly new.