AMAZON (Germany) DEAL OF THE DAY -40% for eufycam E(!) & StarterKit with Homebase E(!)

Hi girls and boys,

just want to inform you about this

DEAL OF THE DAY at Amazon Germany:

But pay ATTENTION please!

This is the eufycam E(!) not the original kickstarer version, which means the Homebase is also “Homebase E”! This Homebase does NOT have facial recognition and NOT have backup battery included for power failures! … Just for your information.

Still a nice offer for all who do not need any facial AI and backup battery.



Nice deal, thanks for sharing @yamyam


Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:


Nice deal!


Nice deal!


What i ask myself:

Is amazon or the manufacturer deciding which products are “deal of the day”.
I guess the manufacturer as i doubt that amazon will give up his commission just to place a product cheaper as deal of the day.

But IF , in this case eufy, decides to bring products as deal of the day at amazon, why not informing us about it?!

By the way:

The typical “Deal of the Day” lie at amazon:

The eufycam E doesn’t costs 199,99 € as shown in the deal offer:

The regular standard amazon price for it is 149,99 €:

This means the Deal of the Day (yesterday) was “just” 20% cheaper and not 40% as shown!

Just to clarify things :nerd:

Thanks for sharing!

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Hello folks.
I got an EufyCam E (01 camera) kit.
I’m interested in expand the set adding a couple of EUFYCAM C units.
Will this work with homebase E?
Do i loose C features as face recognition?
Can I still use higher size As cards as 128gb on Homebase E?