Amazon Firestick with Nebula Prizm ii?


I am having trouble pairing my Amazon Firestick to my Prizm ii projector. I have run through the setup multiple times and it suggests “nebula” but when i press the keys on the remote the projector does not respond. I have the option to enter a manual IR profile but i am not sure what to enter. Nebula have sent me a list of IR codes for each button but there is no option to enter these codes, just a single profile number.

Any help would be appreciated! I’d really love to just use one remote, the Amazon firestick has a dedicated power button just for pairing other devices!

Thanks :slight_smile:


Not many on the community have the Nebula products, so my only suggesttion / recommendation is to reach out to Nebula Support

They have great support, timely responses, reachable via email (, Chat and Phone (US TollFree 1-800-988-7973 Mon-Fri 9am-5pm PT)

Did you ever find anything out about this? I’ve lost my anker remote and would be very interested in finding a way to get the unit to work with my firestick (or roku, or any) remote…


Has anyone found a solution for this? It would be great to be able to control the power and volume functions with the fire remote instead of having to switch back and forth between remotes.

Solution , anker already added, control remote is on amazon fire stick
Hit on change tv and select anker
I have a prizm ii and its working now