Amazon deals US incl. wireless charger for 50% off!

Amazon deals US today

Anker Bolder LC40 - $16.99 / 26% off
(Expired) Anker Qi Wireless Charger with USB-C - $14.44 / 52% off


Thank you for sharing the excellent deals! :grin::wink:

Edit: Deal on the charging pad already ended :cry:

Damn you’re all over the place :laughing:

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I think it ended like minutes after I posted it, damn!

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Haha it was an edit… I should probably add that as well :joy:

Looks like the Qi Wireless charger deal has expired the prize is back at $29.99

Edit: Guess I’m late lol

I just look too much at Amazon, consumerism I guess :joy:

Lol I was talking about @Anjou1888. He replied on someone else’s thread just before yours. I checked your deal and saw his reply pop up on here as well :joy:. But looking for deals isn’t bad. Helps people in the community

Too many deals and enticement… Will pass this one… looking for Flare deals

If you’re in US, they have a 2 pack deal on Flare for $69.99. You can check it here if you haven’t already

Crossing fingers for one of those wireless stand chargers to go on a big sale :slight_smile:

Welcome to the community! I think 1 of the wireless chargers are on a sale but not sure if it’s a big sale or not

Yeah - this one for $16.79 (35% off)