Amazon Deal of The day

Amazon deal of the day
You can grab some Anker car gear for up to 33% off


Awesome stuff. Anker has been killing it lately with offers for the various different countries! :grin:


Not Anker but for anyone who needs it.

Xbox Live buy 3 months and get 3 months free on UK Amazon today.

(Ps, I didn’t create a new topic just to tell you this as there really is no need) :wink:


True, I see more deals on Anker products these days, good for the consumers, Of course Anker too, capturing the market :wink:


I really appreciate not making a new thread. Thanks for the deal.


Want that car charger :heart_eyes::yum:

@Oggyboy if you see something like that for PS4 would you let me know please?

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i love all of these deals that anker has

oh thanks for sharing!

I am in Envy for what Anker provides to other countries than Canada. Can’t wait till the market expands one day.

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Nice deals, thanks for sharing.

That’s a great deal on the 49.5w car charger. I’m considering getting it again as a backup

What!!! Now that the C2 Pro goes on sale I am broke as* f***… I can tell you that this is rare because I’ve been waiting on a sale for a very long time. Why now!!! Hopefully it will go on sale again soon! I just paid my kids rent and that left me with zero throw away (that’s what we call buy whatever you want) cash! Dam! Was really looking forward to a new dashcam… I do, however, have about 50 bucks to burn. So when are the powerline+ II lightning cables going on sale?

Cracking deals for those across the pond :muscle:t2:

Same here bro! Canada needs more Anker :grin:

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Just today I decided I really need me one of them Anker PowerWave Fast Wireless Chargers but unfortunately when they say “DEAL OF THE DAY” they really mean just for a day! Dam! That is some huge savings @ 35% off

Just made this purchase for my Mom as she is getting an iPhone XR! Unfortunately its just the white colored one, I am looking at getting a black one! At $29.99 that is one deal I couldn’t pass up!


@Macgyver15 I’m not sure how cheap it heats but this is getting some heat.

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I’m getting a currently unavailable message with that link buddy @Oggyboy

Me too. Unless they’ve done their allocation :rolling_eyes:

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