Amazon Deal of the day 3/1/20 Eufy robotic vacs


Great deal!! :clap:

Nice deals on little robovac’s :ok_hand:

These little vacuums are so cute. What a great little robot to make the housecleaning so much more fun.

The white ones look great

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Do not have one yet but would think the white ones would get dirty more often.

True, you could see dirty spots more easily

Hey @Duane_Lester
I have a black11s and trust me, I think the white version would show far less dirt and dust.
Mine is constantly dusty all over.

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Good to know. I thought about getting one but I have two dog. I have heard horror stories with animals and the vacs. Also not sure if the would chase it as well.

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I can’t recommend it highly enough.
Not sure how it would cope with heavy pet fur.
There’s plenty of others here that might have experience with Robovac and pet fur.