Amazing cables

I was given a 10 ft lightning cable and have really loved it for almost a year and it works just like it did the first time I got it. I also Iove if that it is so long because now I don’t have to sit by the outlet and I end up letting family members use it as well.

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Good for you!

I find I prefer to use say a Powerport5 and then a shorter USB cable. Overall, across all of the cables, that method seems the smallest.


My brother does that all the time too with his Powercore 13000 battery pack and his 3 ft Nylon-braided cable. I plan on getting into that and am looking at which battery and cable would suit me best.

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What do you use the 10ft one for, your room?

@TopRider @nigelhealy I also prefer short cables, but am not in love with nylon-braided ones.

There isn’t a short braided USB-C from Anker, had to buy from someone else.

I have five Kevlar cables two 3’ and three 10’ and love how durable they are. I seem to be constantly getting them out and putting them away. I use them while traveling with my Anker® 2nd Gen Astro E5 16000mAh External Battery Pack with PowerIQ. I never have to sit in a corner or find seat next to everyone else swarming around the power outlets. I just use my phone then when I am on the plane and it doesn’t have a USB or power outlet I pull it out plug in and am fully charged and ready to go by the time I land. For those times when there is no power close by I use my Anker 21W 2-Port USB Solar Charger. Doesn’t matter where I am flying high through the skies or deep in the Rockies I always have power! Anker power!

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I plug mine in to next to my bed so at night I can use it and still plug it in. My wife has hers next to the couch so It will reach the wall outlet. I have found the wall outlets are not always as close as you need them to be.

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