Amazing Burning Man Photos | What Would You Take With You?

Hi Anker Fans,

I’m in awe at the pictures from this year’s Burning Man Festival.

Ever since 1986 creative people have been heading out into the Black Rock Desert in Nevada to live together and create art. This year around 70,000 people made the trip and for 8 days the desert was filled with outlandish fashion, futuristic sculptures, and neon lights. Since you have to bring everything yourself, it got me thinking… What would my Burning Man essentials be? Aside from food, water, and a tent, an Anker PowerPort Solar would probably be top of my list—although a Soundcore Flare+ would be great for a late night rave!

Have any of you attended Burning Man? If you were to go, what would your essentials be? Or maybe there’s an interesting festival in your local area you want to tell us about?

Party On!

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I’ve always wanted to go, but I don’t know if I could deal with all the sand and dust! I would definitely want to take an Anker Waterproof pouch to keep the dust out of my phone.

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I would take the following

  • anker waterproof pouches
  • powercore II 20100
  • powerport solar
  • bolder lc90
  • nebula capsule

Extra Water to trade :joy::joy:
Powerport solar
X2 PowerCore II 10k
Lc 130
X2 Flare+ speakers
Glow sticks
Furry vest


I would take the following

  • Anker waterproof pouches
  • PowerHouse
  • powerport solar
  • Flare

I’ve never been, but I’ve talked to several people and they say limit your gear. To much stuff and you may loose it.

For me, waterproof pouches, powercore II 20100, several charging cables , and pair of Soundcore Spirit X for those times I want to block the noise.


I haven’t gone to burning man but back in my early years i used to go to a lot of electronic dance music festivals and my rave essentials where a fanny pack cash and a battery case for the night