Always ON power bank

I am looking for a power bank for heated vest (~10Ah). The vest heater may be turned on/off on as-needed basis (large button on the chest). The power bank with auto off feature would be very inconvenient (one would need to reach inside pocket to restart it).
Can you suggest power bank that DOES NOT shut off when load is disconnected?
Thank you

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Hmm, I thought they all powered off when not in use :thinking:

Power banks are designed to turn off when no or too little current draw is detected. Power banks with a trickle charge mode can be made to stay on. But only up to 2 hours, then they switch back to normal mode and turn off.

I have seen one power bank (non-Anker) which stays on all the time and acts like a UPS. But it requires its own power source. So wall charger -> power bank -> device. It is made to keep the device running if there is an interrupt in regular power.

You aren’t looking for a power bank but for a UPS.

It’s the same thing, but UPS’ don’t go standby.

Always on feature is used when you connect a device that you want on for a long period of time without being turned off and needing to be charged and when not close to a power source outlet. Example is when you have a motion activated camera that you will leave unattended. One popular brand supporting this always on mode is “Voltaic System”. I’ve several Anker power banks and they are my favorite and they work great but I don’t believe any of Anker power banks support “always on” mode.