"Always on" Anker powerbanks?

Hey guys,

I am looking for a large powerbank to charge an unattended cell phone for a long time (more than a week).
I couldn’t find in the manuals whether the option to be “always on” exists. I simply don’t want the powerbank to turn off when the load is fully charged.
Also, is there any info about quiescent current?
basically I have a 100mA load I want to run as long as possible

Thanks !!

i ve tested a lot of anker and roav powerbanks, they all turns off whrn the charge devices re full…

You could get some of these USB LED lights on Amazon to keep the power bank on. One should remain on for a little over 5 days on a 26,000 mAh battery bank.


Another much more expensive option would be to get the Anker power house. Or you could wire a USB car charger directly to a 12v battery 50 amp hours should do.


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