Aluminum USB 3.0 to Ethernet Adapter recognized as CD-ROM

I have 3 Anker USB3 network adapters utilizing RTL8153 chip.
I have three computers. Two of my computers work with all three adapters. One of my computers works with two of the adapters. On the computer that works with only two of the adapters, the third is recognized as a cd-rom. Below are screen shots of properties.

Any ideas on how to get Windows 10 to recognize this adapter correctly?

Couple things to try
In Device Manager, uninstall the adaptor, reboot, and let Windows re-detect it
In Device Manager, right-click on the adaptor> select Properties> click on the Drive tab >select Update Driver> select Browse my computer for software, and tell it where to find the correct driver


Thank you for replying. I have tried many combinations of driver uninstalling reinstalling and driver update. I got a utility from Realtek that changes the adapter to non-auto install the driver. Now it no longer is detected as a CD-ROM, however, Windows never completely sets up the adapter. The image below shows the windows message in the Device Manager Properties for the adapter.