Aluminum 13-Port Hubs don't last long

I have gone through 2 Anker Aluminum 13-Port Hubs. They start performing great, but then after about 1 year, I get frequent wireless mouse stutters, and hard disk disconnections.

Is it just me or they don’t last very long?

The product in question:

First thing you may do: Clean all inputs, as there could be debris (dust) inside.

My husband actually has the Anker 10 port hub and it’s been going strong for 2 years now. As suggested by @fhassm, clean the ports of dust. From what I recall, it’s actually not suggested that you plug your wireless mouse to a hub because it needs direct connection. I read that somewhere. Sorry, I don’t recall where.

I have several of these Anker 13-Port Hubs and I love them. They work better than ANY other hub I’ve ever owned by any company.

But, today, I also found I started experiencing some of the same problems noted by the original poster - in my case, mostly external hard drive disconnections.

I found this post and cleaned the ports (it sure was VERY DUSTY back there) and it immediately and definitely solved the problem. It’s been working perfectly ever since.

So, do NOT dismiss the suggestion by Ciquinho, give it a try!

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