Alternatives to Amazon in the UK?

What alternatives are there to using Amazon in the UK? Are there any shops I can go into and buy from? I love Anker products but I loathe Amazon’s fulfillment service and I don’t wish to use them again.

Why? well here is my Amazon story so far, for once I was organised and order my shopping on line with plenty of time. (or so I thought)

I bought the Anker SoundCore Bluetooth Speaker as a present for my wife for Christmas, it was on offer at the time for £20. Awesome !

First delivery date goes by and there is an “issue” with delivery. Second delivery date goes by and the order gets “lost”, so my wife now has 1 less present for Christmas but hey sometimes things go wrong.

So I contact customer services and get them to deliver again after Christmas but even though the product is in stock, they can only offer me a refund, which means I will have to buy it at £29.

I argue this is not really acceptable. But in the words of Amazon Customer Service. “We couldn’t care less, deal with it sucker”. (I may have paraphrased the wording customer services used very slightly :slight_smile: )

Now they have decided to cancel the order (I asked them specifically not to do this). and credited my account in the form of… a lovely Amazon gift card for exactly the amount I have spent…

Answers on a postcode please !


As far as I’m aware you can only buy Anker products in shops in America (correct me if I’m wrong folks) other than Amazon I think the only other choice is the official store on Aliexpress, but you’d have to wait a lot longer to get it compared to Prime.

Hope this helps some what :slight_smile:

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Not aware of any shops but your could always buy from the official eBay store, albeit with postage :frowning2:

As for deliveries issues, had similar issues myself with Amazon around the holiday periods but being on Prime I can often get it to go in my favour, with an extension of a month of two :grin:


It’s a sad story…I’m sorry to hear, buddy.

But there are so many deals information every month. Maybe you can keep visit the community, and find some awesome deals you need!:grin:


Thanks for the response, I might try AliExpress I buy quite a lot through them, It’s a shame it’s not possible to buy in-store though as Anker products would sell well in a quality UK store like John Lewis, Anker spend all this time developing a great product in lovely packaging and then give it to Amazon to mishandle, it’s a bit like wrapping a gourmet takeaway meal in newspaper. :slight_smile: I wonder if Anker need a UK product development manager :thinking: