Almost Christmas

So it’s less that 7 weeks before Christmas.

Have you started shopping yet?
Or worse do you have any decorations up yet?

I’m started to prep for Xmas by making a list of gifts I need to buy - hopefully pick up a couple during Black Friday deals.


My reaction to early Christmas decorations :yum::


Hey @k_pug2003
I’ve started shopping, I normally get on that as early as I can.
As for decoration, ours won’t go up until the middle of December!
One house in our area has put decorations up already :roll_eyes:

Shopping never starts or stops… it’s an on-going process… Hope the salary and bonuses saw some more seasons and hikes :rofl:


I didn’t think about Christmas plans yet :confused:

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I’m broke, ain’t got money for anything

I should start shopping for others… but I keep looking for Black Friday deals for myself! :persevere:


Yup. Been working on Christmas gifts. Two more people on my list…

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Why wait till Christmas when there are deals year round?! Buy when the price is right :slight_smile:


Lol me too. I end up spending the money on myself. Guess I’m used to last-minute shopping

Not started shopping yet, have a few ideas but no doubt it will be a repeat of last year…buying blitz in the first two weeks of Dec :laughing:

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Same here :joy:
The other half gets really angry because I buy stuff myself which leaves her stuck for ideas.

Haven’t started any shopping yet, but I started looking. I’m not married and have no kids so I just have to get some stuff for family and some friends. Much cheaper for me :grin:

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Wanna swop lives?
My boy doesn’t eat much and the missus is cheap, well, compared to funding a super yacht :flushed:

personally I try not to feed the craze of Christmas consumerism, I prefer to buy something at different times. unless there are very interesting offers.

Just gotta wait for an amazon delivery tomorrow and that’s all my presents sorted.

Pups at the vets tomorrow so won’t be going into town for some last min shopping. So that me officially finished for Christmas shopping 2019 :joy:

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ooohhhhh, last minute Amazon delivery, that could go either way :anguished:

Glad I’m not the only one here who does Christmas shopping literally the day before Christmas

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Thats generally how i shop, but thanks to Amazon i am able to shop at any time and have the items shipped and delivered when i need them