All of a sudden.... no eufycam notifications

restart base 3x

Could be the settings on your phone… you may want to go into the app in settings and make sure you have push notifications enabled :wink:

ahhhh an app update

Did that solve the problem?

no…did not
wife nor I receiving notifications anymore

@yamyam might have some more suggestions… he’s kinda like a eufycam wizard

last notification was exactly 3 hrs ago…have changed nothing but did just update app

As @TechMan already suggested correctly, make sure the app is allowed to push notifications. But as you AND your wife having the same issue, and i guess you are NOT using the same phone, this seems unlikely.

My suggestion: Check the third tab at the bottom right of the app (maybe called Security in english) and see if the correct modus is choosen and if “PUSH-NOTIOFICATION” is selected!

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Magically and deliciously started working about 12 a.m. last night on its own!


Glad it is working for you now!

I have had this experience several times after updates, and, after noticing it, I have always been able to “fix” it with a HomeBase reboot. (Not sure why the update doesn’t do that for you, or, if it does, why it seems to take another reboot sometimes.)

As always, YMMV, but it’s relatively easy to do from the app (My Devices > HomeBase Settings > Restart Device").

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