All new Anker is Powering up

I visited the website and I saw an Ad?

It said “All new Anker is Powering up…” and I clicked on it and went away.

Did anyone else see this?


Used another browser to check it out again. It is only up for 5 seconds.


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Looks like a teaser ad for something on 24th June…maybe new PowerCores or a site revamp…

Let the guessing games begin :popcorn:

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Where are the admins with them hints?

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So there are an accumulation of changes announced but not yet released. We have the new logo with the blue lightning (not yet on, there has been repeated hints of more USB-C and nearly nil actually released, then IQ2 and it feeding through into faster / smaller products.


Not both… ?

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Quite possible, the 5 sec teaser could relate to several possiblities…patience young one :wink:

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Q.C. 4.0 is 5 minutes of charging for 5 hours of use…

5 seconds ad…


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That is not a fully dimensioned statement. 5 hours use of what, requires a load. Example of 5 hours of use: airline mode, screen to dimmest, watching a downloaded video. Another example: playing a game, streaming over LTE. Totally different Wattage.

QC is more about taking advantage of the fact a cell can be recharged more aggressively when emptier so it is diminishing returns for all other contexts. There is no inherent reason Qualcomm QC should be any faster than any other method which utilizes the same underlying truths, you could forsee a technology which is better than Qualcomm and be a totally open standard like a USB-PD which runs a higher profile (higher than QC4) when cell is nearly discharged and moves into lower profiles later as cell becomes progressively more charged.

Due to that underlying truth, I won’t invest in QC.


It is true that Q.C. was proprietary until 3.0 but I thought 4.0 and 4.0+ adheres to the USB-C PD standards (which was the biggest announcement for the Q.C. 4.0).

QC4+ is a superset of USB-PD.

Indeed it is.

Like INOV and DC, Battery Saver Technologies and HVDCP all have been incremented, another + for the former and 1.0 for the latter. Those are minor changes, the biggest bangs are in the aforementioned USB-PD support and added cable quality detection. USB-PD has some rudimentary cable quality detection and more importantly an ID chip to specify the capabilities of the connection. As we all know these foolproof mechanisms take about 37 seconds to counterfeit so Qualcomm’s added cable quality detection is a welcome change at the wattage levels for USB-PD and QC4.

This brings us to an interesting point, the relationship between USB-PD and QC4. Qualcomm describes QC4 as a superset of USB-PD, a choice of wording SemiAccurate thinks is very apt. QC4 can talk USB-PD but it can step voltages up and down in a vastly more granular fashion and likely faster too. Better yet all QCx certified products must be UL tested as well so problems are less likely than with random USB-PD or alternative quickcharging schemes.

if this is true, I would not mind Q.C. 4.0 onwards! I can only see benefits for adding Q.C 4.0 capabilities to future power banks unless I am missing something. Please enlighten me if I may be missing the major game changing cons. Hungry for knowledge :3

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I’d hope that it is new gear! I just bought some last week, including a PowerPort 5 for USB PD charging. Well, that only lasted a couple of days, and now it won’t charge any of my PD devices with my Anker 3.1 USB Type C cables. I was hoping for an exchange but today I look at the product is missing from their site! I don’t want some end of support product, so I’ll be attempting to return it for a refund.

EDIT: I take that back. While both the PowerPort 5 and PowerPort+ 5 were absent from the website this morning, the PowerPort+ 5 appears present on the site again. The PowerPort 5 does not.

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Watch for exciting things on 24th July we will not let you down.:grin:


Or July?


Products disappear and reappear often off Anker site, usually related to if in stock on Amazon. Only if it’s discontinued on Amazon is it more likely discontinued.

If you have a failed port, unplug it from mains power for a few minutes, because sometimes it disables a port if there is detected a surge, and removing power will reset.

You get 18 months warranty, so don’t worry, if a reset doesn’t work then email with order, serial number, description of fault and evidence you attempted to reset.

Well they said they were powering up :grin:

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Just because it may exist there will be downsides. Cost to license, cost to develop, cost to test. If QC4+ is a superset of USB-PD then it is a subset of USB-PD devices. So a subset with a cost. Also complexity will equate to size. To reduce the relative cost you would seek larger absolute quantity, and how many QC4+ units exist?

:joy::joy: Sorry for the mistake! July 24th!!!