All my Anker products ^-^

I was introduced to Anker by my boss. After the first power bank I bought, I just couldn’t stop getting more :). I had a need for many because I ride long distances and I always need to have my GPS on my phone and my Bluetooth devices charged. I have many more Anker products that are not in the picture but I plan to get even more. I LOVE YOU @AnkerOfficial


Nice why do you have so many portable chargers?

I ride long distance and with Bluetooth and GPS on it drains my phone battery alot and I play alot of games for long hours in my phone. I use them all :slight_smile:


He rides a motorcycle and likes to keep things powered up and charged…said so right in his description


Amateur. It is a good start.


Challenge accepted


I have a small anker Powerbank from a power draw.

I do have a 10k powerbrick, but it’s so slow, if I had a nice shiny fast charging anker 26/20/10k charger (either would be fine) I’d pass on my crappy slow ones to friends who aren’t bothered by a quick charge.

May even get a nice case, so not as effected if taken out in the cold (usually inside my coat).

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I have a Powercore II 10000 in my bag waiting to encounter a person who shows a need.

Fortunately Anker’s packaging has got better, smaller.

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A great collection. Keep it going and fill your house with Anker goodies :grin:


@nigelhealy I gotta admit you were right about me liking the 10k powercore II, as I find it so easy to slip into my pocket and off it go to work or wherever. It’s also rather easy to work and have it charging my phone in the same pocket, where as before with the 20k I had to leave it in my bag or at itnt down to charge as it was rather bulky. I didn’t mind it at the time as it was my only one, but now itnt orefer the smaller size.


The 10k size covers a lot. I am next experimenting with the II 6700 for phone+tablet and the Mini+ for buds. 10K is enough energy but 2 ports.

It is good to be unplugged and portable.


So mini+ can charge buds? as they draw a small current many power banks will turn off…

I have a mini+ but never tried to charge the buds :slight_smile:

Soon ill start to have a power bank collection of my own. I swear these things are a form of addiction, because you can always rationalize why you need an additional power bank charger.

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Wow, I didn’t know Anker made PS4 controllers :joy:

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Powerbanks age so what I do is tune my own collection and gift the older ones out. I keep a small medium large for myself to suit the day.

I buy for about 10 people in total and a few who get a surprise gift if they ever say words like “my phone is going flat”.

To have so many powerbanks they are just in a draw growing old unused feels just so wrong.

What I am finding is the biggest powerbanks barely ever get used, I have a 26800mAh for a long time and I think its left the house once, vs say a 10000 or the Mini getting used at least once a week. My original 10000 got used so many times it capacity was going down after 18 months old so I bought a new 10000


There’s a new thread made just for you!

You need a powerhouse!:joy::joy::joy:


We all need a PowerHouse :heart_eyes:


Nice collection, I must get round to seeing how much Anker stuff I’ve got - quite a lot, I know that much lol

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From my experiences owning a 26800mAh which is so much capacity I never use it all and so I save weight carrying 10000mAh maximum, I really doubt I’d use a Powerhouse.

That doesn’t mean I’d not take a free one? :lifter: