Alexa randomly talking

So I know that it may be constantly listening but tonight Alexa has started talking and playing random sound clips of either music or podcasts :grimacing::thinking:

And didn’t listen to “Alexa Stop”

So after the third warning I pulled out the cable - was half expecting it to still continue lol :joy:

I’m used to it coming to life every now and then but tonight was on a whole new level!

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Have you gone into Settings–>History to see what she heard that kicked this off?


Ok, that is scary. :stuck_out_tongue:

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Honestly this is not all that uncommon. A quick Google search shows a ton of people reporting similar instances

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Just another reason why I’m not keen on filling my home with smart speakers… Who knows what they are really up too!

The giggling always freaks me out :worried:


It’s only gaining sentience, relax. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


I checked the history and there was nothing there at the time it happened. Was a difference of a few hours from when the last history command was and the incident :thinking:

Oh well maybe someday she will “learn” to listen to me :joy:

But in that case, as with all of them, Alexa heard a command that the user didn’t intend to issue. It wasn’t “random” at all. It never is.

Did you check Bluetooth connections?

Kids were asleep and we were in different room to our phones at the time so def wasn’t anyone connected via Bluetooth