Alexa or other smart home compatible devices?

I was wondering if there has been talk at Anker about possibly creating a line of smart home products. This seems to be a rising trend and I believe Anker could dominate in the field (in terms of quality vs price).

Some example products: Have all of these products compatible with Alexa/Google Home/Etc
Smart plugs
Smart lights/lamps
Smart appliances!*** this would be brand new and unique
-Coffee Machine (I’m just addicted to caffeine)
-Oil diffusers (you could make the house smell nice before coming home)
^^just two examples of things that would be useful to have remote activation
Smart speakers

What do you all think?
What are some additional products that could be quite useful?


Not a terrible idea. I’m sure there’s a lot of R&R that goes into things like that.

I would love to be able to make coffee from the comfort (and warmth) of my own bed!


But then how will that coffee be delivered to that warm abode you speak of?

Haha, first world problems.


If anything it will come from Anker’s home brand, Eufy. I can see the Eufy name on thermostats and home cameras. It just fits lol.


Smart plugs would be awesome.

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