Alexa confused by simple Robovac names

Sometime in the past few weeks, my Alexa stopped being able to control my Robovacs. I had given them pretty simple names, Upstairs and Downstairs. When I ask Alexa “Tell Robovac Upstairs to clean”, she responds, “Can you please say the name of the Robovac you want to use? You have Upstairs and Downstairs.”. Whether I say Upstairs or Downstairs, she just repeats the question. I’ve gone so far as to rename the RoboVacs “One” and “Two”, removed and re-added the Alexa integration with EufyHome-Robovac, and still no go. Anyone else experiencing this, or any suggestions? Thanks!

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Sorry, but I was laughing about this ALEXA issue.
Seems ALEXA is suffering from Alzheimer disease.
(Kidding of course)
I don’t use such "intelligent equipment, like ALEXA, so I can not give you any answers.
I am sure there are others using it and can give you some advice to help.

I know this doesn’t directly answer your question @Eric89
Will Alexa control your Robovac is you set-up a routine? That would test if Alexa is actually communicating with the Robovac correctly.