Alarm triggered upon motion when alarm off

Hello looking for help, purchased eufy cam e cameras, first one set up fine, second is sounding alarm upon motion even though it is switched off, I cannot have this happening every time a motion is picked up

That’s weird, is everything up to date?

I would suggest reaching out to support and see what they say.

@Barbelbasher Sorry for the inconvenience caused. In regards to your issue, please help to confirm if you have enabled camera alarm on your mode setting? If yes, please try to disable camera alarm to see how it works. Here are the steps: Security(right bottom on the app)>Home/Away>Camera Name>Disable Camera and Homebase Alarm.

If the issue still persists, please feel free to contact us via


@Barbelbasher did that resolve your issue?

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Yes all sorted thanks

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Thanks for the udpate, glad to know it worked. :clap::grinning: