Alarm on motion detection

In the past couple of weeks we’ve had a large amount of false ‘alarms’ on motion detection. Viewing the video shows no activity on the screen. And then the alarm starting going off as well. The video will start and a second later you can hear the alarm. This has happened with both of our cameras, one in front of the house and one in the back of the house. We’ve turned the sensitivity down which seems to have reduced the number of false alarms, but the sound alarm is still ringing occasionally when a motion is picked up by the camera.

Our Home Base is version
The cameras are 1.7.6 (

Any suggestions?

I’m experiencing a lot of empty videos as well… 60 seconds of video with nothing happening is quite annoying.
Looking forward for a better algorythm as well the opportunity to decide on motion detection areas on the picture like most video security products does.

It seems you may have some issues we’d like to troubleshoot and get more information on.

Can you contact us at

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