Alarm on Eufycam

I was wondering wether you can disable the antitheft alarm sound on the homebase only. I would like the alarm (sound) on on the camera’s outside, but not on the homebase (I don’t want to show a bugglar where the images are). Is this possible? If not, should this be something for a next release of the firmware?

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Yes you can…

  1. On the eufy app go to the bottom buttons “Security”
  2. Select your homebase
  3. Select your working mode “Away” or “Home” then edit (little pencil)
  4. Click edit (little pencil) on the camera you want to disable homebase alarm
  5. uncheck homebase

DONE! I just learned this yesterday… Thanks to @yamyam


Thanks for your quick reply. This setting I know, but it is not exactly what I am looking for. I want to sound a noice, when the camera is being moved/stolen, the so called antitheft mode. Normally, the camera’s and homebase are working in ‘silent ‘ mode in my particular Situation, I want to sound an alarm only (and only on that particular camera), when it is moved.
Does the app has a configuration for that? And if not is this something that could be added?
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@Kudde I’m sorry. I read too much into the question. On this maybe @AnkerTechnical @AnkerTechnician or @yamyam might have a response.

Open your app> click on the three line’s on top left> click on my devices> select home base> click alarm volume and set it to whatever setting you want

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But this is not what I would like to configure on my cam. I don’t want the homebase to sound any noise. In my situation, the camer’s alarm (and homebase alarm) are all set to 0 (no noise when something is spotted). This is how I would like to run the camera’s. I only want to sound the alarm when the camera is (re)moved from it’s position. The alarm should not be triggered on the homebase, but only on that particular camera. My feeling is that it is not configurable on the camera today. For me it would be a welcome addition to the configurationmenu.

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