Airport Survival Tips for the Holidays

Ahh, the holiday season! The decorations, the greetings, the insane travel rush.

OK, so some things about the holidays are definitely better than others. Before traveling this season, make sure you brush up on some life hacks to make sure your trip homeward to your family is as painless as possible.

For one thing, you might consider shipping your gifts ahead of you instead of trying to bring them in your checked luggage. Not only does this minimize the risk of your presents getting lost, it cuts down on the amount of stuff you have to lug around with you.

Another super important thing to remember is checking your flight status in advance. Information is power, and you want to know as soon as possible if there are any weather-related delays or other developments that could affect your travel plans.

Check out this lifehacker article to learn more, and feel free to share your own travel tips below! Hopefully by consolidating our best practices here, we can all have a safer, smoother, hollier, and jollier journey.

Power On!


Don’t forget to download some offline Netflix shows and movies to your phone or tablet beforehand (instructions here) to enjoy on those long flights. I typically download in “Standard” quality and it looks fine on a small phone screen and allows me to fit more content on my phone.

And, of course, bring an Anker power bank to keep your phone or tablet charged while you binge watch on the plane!


Thanks for sharing! :grinning:

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I put a tile tracker in my luggage and carry on. Mostly because it makes me warm and cozy when i can see my checked bag is with me on the same plane. The one in the carry on is “just in case” i leave bag somewhere which has never happened.
Another thing I do, which isn’t as necessary as it once was when ac plugs were a commodity, bring a 3 way power tap. It makes getting power easy, even if the plug is already taken.


That is a must for traveling.

At the top of my travel list is a pair of good noise canceling headphones for the flight.

I just got back from a trip to Colombia… My survival tip is to bring a Nintendo Switch. It made waiting at the airport, 6 hour flights, and downtime in the hotel (most TV was in Spanish) more bearable. My wife and I were able to play Mario Kart on 2 players on the plane.

Good audio books : At the moment, Fitzek or Murakami!

In addition to movies, if you listen to podcasts or even just stream music it wouldn’t hurt to download some of those streams so you can still listen to your music when the phone is in airplane mode

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So I just came back after spending 2 weeks in Hawaii. I am so glad that I carried Space NC headphones for the flight. Its a must have if you want a peaceful red eye flight.

The other thing that I carried was Powercore fusion 5000. I am so happy that I carried this with me. Guys this is also a must have for your travel. The fact that you have powerbank and plug in one device makes traveling easier. This is a very useful Christmas gift as compared to buying just a small range powerbank.

I wish Anker had powercore fusion with higher capacity available in US


Some great tips. I try and avoid the airport during the holidays. DFW international and Love Field are the worst during that time of year and it takes almost an hour to just pick someone up during the holiday season.

Great article, @AnkerOfficial! May I suggest a way to make it better - from a marketing standpoint, at least? Make a version of the Lifehacker article pointing to Anker products right here - maybe throw some discount codes in there, too. And take notes on the comments, some good product ideas could arise on them.

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Cool, thanks for the suggestion!

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And as always, if you’re a vet or AD service member or reservist. The USO in the bigger airports usually has a great lounge area to chill out or even catch a few zzzz’s. It’s staffed by volunteers and always a safe, inviting and friendly place to relax and pass some time.

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