AirPods Max alternative: The excellent Soundcore Life Q30 for $65 (save $15, but also $484)

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I’m sure the AirPods Max are better.
But it comes to the point that are they $484 better.
Good share @rhoffman0528

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Thank you. I ought to be leveling up to level 4 today.


Congrats, there is a thread on levelling up.
Announce it there!

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I expect the Airport Max have better ANC than the Q30.

It’s unfair to compare performance with price/performance. The latter the Q30 is almost certainly a winner, 1/20th the price but lot better than 1/20th performance, but the former I doubt Q30 comes close.

I also never read CNET. Too many ads and opinionated way above hands on experience would justify. I think the opinionated content is to drive eyeballs to see then the ads.

TBH, I have too many add blockers that I don’t even notice them anymore.

Me too.
One day all will getting blocked! :rofl:

And FF got many security features, make it slower a little bit, but I dont care.
A really good on is to care about tracking.