Air cleaners/purifiers recommendations

Looking for a recommendation of an air purifier that won’t cost the price of a rocket, yet does an excellent job of cleaning the air. Since Eufy doesn’t have one (unless this is perhaps in the works like a secret project).

Or you could just use a box fan a filter and a roll of duct tape :joy:


If Eufy made an adjustable smart fan case like the one above (but plastic/TPU of course) capable of accepting two generic coarse/fine home AC filters (many options to choose from depending on your particular need)that could track its energy usage work with the Eufy app and adjust fan speed I think they would have a real top seller on their heads.

It would also be relatively cheap to produce and they could charge decent money for one. :stew:4⃣:thought_balloon:


Interesting to see if Eufy makes one, I need a good one too…

I have an older Winix similar to this one

I got mine at Bed Bath and Beyond about 2 years ago and it’s still going strong. I have allergies and have found this really helped. I’ve tried other brands before but was never really satisfied. I read some reviews before purchasing it and someone mentioned that it works so well that when their spouse farted, the purifier came on. LOL.! I thought to myself, no way! Well, it’s true. :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue: When I go change the filter out, I can really see all the dust and crud stuck on it so I can only imagine what I’ve been breathing in all these years. The main filter has to be replaced once a year and the charcoal filter ever 2-3 months. The price of filters are a steep but well worth it… plus, you can always find generic ones on Amazon for much less.



That is a cool feature I never even considered 24/7 monitoring of air quality to automatically turn the filter on/off

Why don’t all couples know about this?

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Yeah right? LOL. :stuck_out_tongue: I think Winix should run this as part of their ad for their purifiers. :wink: Their slogan can be, “For every fart and fizzle, there’s Winix.” :wink: :stuck_out_tongue: :stuck_out_tongue:


I have a PureMate -

It is really good for filtering parrot dander and general “city dust”. Does a good job of getting rid of cooking smells too. It’s main selling point for me was it’s compact, and is ultra quiet on settings 1 and 2

I recently purchased a Dyson Hot + Cool Air Purifier from Costco on sale for $300 (normally $400). I decided to get this because of it’s dual purpose… fan during hot days and heater during cold days.I was looking at the smaller version of this from Dyson, but I opted to get this for the air purifier feature. According to the sales person… the filter would have to be changed probably once a year, depending on how much you use it and how dirty your air is. lol ($60 per filter). The unit itself is really good… The is fairly quiet, the fan blows multiple feeds, and the heater get warm quick… If you don’t mind getting new filters every so often, I would definitely recommend getting one.

I saw one of the reviews included this “feature”

Really hope Eufy makes something like this!

A desk version with power ports and a floor model too

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I thought about the Dyson version, but the filter cost seems high.

I don’t know how I popped up on this forum, but I find it’s topic extremely important. Air purifier is a mandatory machine in case you have children and pets in the house. Personally, I have two Winix 5300-2 installed in the lounge and the children’s room. Frankly speaking, I chose this air purifier because it’s less expensive than other purifiers on the market. In addition, it works perfectly with large rooms destroying all odors and harmful air bacteria. There is a comprehensive review on and sources linked where you can get it.

I have an Orek that I’ve used for about five years. It was $299 but I’m still using it