Aiport restrictions and the Powercore 26000mah

Hi all

I am planning to buy an Anker power core 26800mah as I travel to a lot of remote places and board many different planes. The restriction on most airliners on average is 100 Watt hours. I checked the FAQ on the page and stated the equation: mAH x Voltage (V) / 1000 where the number 3.7 is stated. In the description for input output voltage is stated at 5V. Which number is correct? and how did you get to 3.7? Help would be much appreciated.

If it helps, I brought my Powercore+ 26800 onto a plane and they made no fuss about it. Perhaps you would want to double check with the airline if you are flying internationally, though. :slight_smile: Couldn’t hurt.

It relates to the energy of the cells.

The WH is written on the item.

A typical Anker powercore is using 3400mah 3.7V 12Wah batteries, the 268000 is I reckon 3 stacks 4 wide, so 12x24 = 28800mah, round down for actuals.

If the authorities were to break open an Anker 26800, if they were to multiple Ah by V of each, they’d not get above the 26800mah.

If in doubt just buy 2 of 3 10000, etc.

Actually that is a good idea as chance of 3 10000 failing is less than 1 26800 as they are independent.

Never heard of such restrictions or is it only in USA?

It may be UK only, not too sure

FAA = USA in/out

Page 4:

“Lithium ion (rechargeable lithium, lithium
polymer, LIPO) as used in small consumer
electronics, such as cell phones, tablets, tools,
cameras, PDAs, and laptops. Limited to 100 watt
hours3 or less per battery”


“lithium ion batteries, a watt-hour rating of not more than 100 Wh”