AGAIN! Unable to Connect to Video Doorbell (P2P connection failure)

Third time now, I cannot connect to any of my eufy “security” products. Seems to be yet another outage. This is absolutely insane. Wireless video doorbell, and 2C camera not accessible. Stored videos won’t show either. Tried rebooting homebase 2 but to na avail. This is about the greatest joke of a product lineup in history of home surveillance!!!

@Ankerofficial @AnkerSupport can you please look into the request from the user

Hi @Wolfram_Luchner,

Sincerely sorry for the inconvenience caused.
I have forwarded this issue to our eufy service team. They will contact you for further assistance via email soon.
We have had no reported outages today and verified with customer service and they have received no calls about any issues. This seems to be something else, so it would be best to contact our tech support at, so they can walk through the issue and see if they can assist in finding what the issue might be.

Sorry again for the inconvenience caused and thank you for your understanding.

The Anker Community Team

I have the same problem. With wifi connection I can access to my doorbell and camera, but I cannot from my lte connection.

I have the same problem, when on WiFi there is no problem, but on 4G internet no connection possible :rage:

This may be a uPnP issue.

The doorbell or base is opening an outgoing port to a Eufy server through which you then reach into the home network.

If the port gets closed by the router and the doorbell / base doesn’t open it again, you’d lose the outside connection until the doorbell/base opens it again.

If that is the issue then Eufy needs to modify the software to reopen or open every few minutes or hour.

Look at your uPnP settings in the router and see if it’s closing ports too quickly, closing faster than the doorbell default opening.

It worked fine until today, I bought a second home base 2 and connected it today to my mifi router in my workplace (after setting it up at my home WiFi and then changed it to my mifi router)

It worked fine until now.

The same here from the Netherland since this afternoon p2p connection failaire.
The detection from the doorbell does come in but unable to open on my iphone when i from home.
At home under wifi connect it seems to work.

The same problem here for me since today But since 30mins its sorted itself out.
Also in the Netherlands

Which ports do I need to open?

I tried 5 minutes ago and it works !! I don’t know why but I successfully reached my camera and doorbell

You can’t.

This is outgoing stateful NAT from the device to the Internet.

Port opening is incoming from the Internet through your NAT to a LAN IP.

Looking at the other messages here Eufy had an outage.

Mine all also work again, maybe it was a problem only in the Netherlands

The architecture of Eufy can be improved.

Their first choice is to either:

  • open an incoming port uPnP and secure it in the appliance. The upside of this it can be accessed directly to the home from anywhere without a server. The downside is it utterly relies on good security in the appliance , updates.

  • open an outgoing port to a server, then you access this server from anywhere. The advantage is you cannot directly access home, the downside is when the server goes down then you cannot access, so requires a well architected server which doesn’t go down.

What Eufy chosen to do is neither. They went with a server but didn’t make it reliable.

A 3rd way would be either:

  • when the server is up, the mobile device accessed the server and is given the IP of the home network, then the traffic flows through the server.
  • when the server goes down then the appliance opens an incoming port
  • when the mobile device cannot access the server it uses the last accessed cached IP of the home network


  • make the appliances switch between servers as servers go down.
  • typically this is done by DNS timeouts, so there’s a short unavailability typically 30 seconds but not hours like at present.

You could do both so if server goes down then a short unavailability then a new server is used, but if a new server doesn’t come up soon then the appliance is accessible directly.

So there is a fallback to serverless when server down.

Some may be concerned that the reason there is no monthly fee to sell units, then ask for fees to make the units reliable.

Some may conclude best to not buy Eufy until Eufy architecture is designed to be reliable.


Great to read and great to know.
Should be kept in a library here.
Thank you!

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I’ve been having the same problem on and off for a bit…pretty much since the update on Aug 2. I’m getting tired of it. I called customer support, spoke to a great rep who suggested from her flowchart that both the homebase2 and doorbell need to be replaced. Well then someone else figured it was just the homebase! guess what??? STILL HAVING THE SAME DAMN PROBLEM. So I responded to the email sent when the homebase2 arrived and BOOM NO ONE FREAKING RESPONDED…SO I ESCULATED THE MATTER AND I WAS TOLD A MANAGER WOULD RESPOND. GUESS WHAT?? NO ONE RESPONDED SO NOW I AM CONSIDERING GOING BACK TO PAYING $100 YEARLY FEE WITHOUT ANY PROBLEMS FROM RING!!!

Yeah this thing doorbell is big disappointment so far. Worked for about 20 minutes and then the P2P issue. Several restart and reconnection attempts achieve nothing.