Advice on a new battery

I have an older Asto3E battery pack from Anker. I had one stop charging on me a couple of months ago, of course Anker’s great customer service replaced it for me with no problems. After that great experience, I am looking to get another battery pack from them. I was just wondering what everyone else had good experiences with. I use mine most often for camping. The Astro gets me 2 charges on my Note 5. I would like to stay around that, because most of our trips are weekenders. What are the rest of you campers using, and how.

You state the total capacity is sufficient, hence go with the same mah, in general it will be smaller / lighter for the same mah.

The Astra E3 is 1000mah so go with the Powercore 10000 as it is the same capacity for 75% the volume and 78% of the weight.

The PowerCore 20100 is pretty awesome. It got my family through nearly a week straight of power outages during an ice storm last year. So it’d definitely last you and whoever is with you a weekend. Especially if you’re just charging your phones.