Advice for new speaker

I have Bose Roommate 2 speakers I use for workshops. I need something for background music and occasional video play. I’d like something portable that still has enough power to fill a room for roughly 25-30 people. We are not dancing but listening.

From your experience, would the soundcore speakers work for that purpose? I can’t find a place near me to actually hear them in use.


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If you can find a walmart, some locations have them on display and you can listen them.

As to options. I would look at the Soundcore Boost. Its loud, sounds good and has long lasting battery. If you need something smaller. The Soundcore Motion Q or Flare might would work. They both have 360 degree sound and could be placed in the center of the room so everyone can hear. If you need a smaller one you could go with the mini 2. If you want more sound you could link by a second one and link the two together…

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Go to Target/Best Buy and try out some speakers.

4 Flare+ speakers will fill up your room :stuck_out_tongue:

That’s what I would recommend.

Thank you! Never thought of Walmart. Like the Sound Core 2. Boost and Flare sound a little too much base for my use. Great options! Was considering Sonos or Bose but those are likely overkill for my need.

You should go for 2 FLARE.

If it’s in a shop maybe the infini mini it a wired Bluetooth sound bar too!
2 20 watt speakers but not portable like the boost. Same price though right?
Maybe not…

Just my two cents…
For larger rooms I prefer several speakers. With one speaker the ones in front get there eardrums blasted out, and those in the back hear a whisper

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As @Element321 & @iroast have already mentioned you could try Walmart and Best Buy to get hands on with some speakers and how they sound. Based on the requirements you have mentioned I would recommend either the SoundCore Boost or x2 SoundCore Flare’s at present…

…there is also the upcoming Model Zero (out around Oct this year) which will become the main ‘flagship’ speaker under the SoundCore brand for the time being…

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I appreciate the perspectives! I have found places where I can listen to Bose, Sonos and Anker. I am unable to manipulate the bass on the Anker boost so am looking for an opportunity to check that out. They are hard wired on display.

So now, I’m playing with the options of portability and sound quality.

Thanks for the help! I’ve narrowed it down.