Additional EufyCam Cameras & Accessories

So far after my few troubles with getting my system set up, I’m really happy with my EufyCam. Anker/Eufy Support has been really good.

My one regret with the Kickstarter campaign was not ordering more cameras. I backed the 2 camera & base set. I’ve contacted support and the only way right now to add cameras is to buy the full $500 camera & base set from Walmart, which seems a bit excessive.

I really want Anker/Eufy to get the message that expansion cameras & accessories are desired by customers. Anyone else want more cameras?



We should be introducing addon cameras and such once the Kickstarter has finished up!


When would add on cameras be available in Australia?

Hasn’t it already finished?

Check eBay. That’s how I got mine. I missed the backing period.

No ETA as of yet, but it should be relatively soon.

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