Additional Doorbell Chime for eufy Video Doorbell 2K (Battery Powered)


I have the Eufy doorbell with Homebase 2 and would like to purchase a second chime for the second floor. I can’t find it anywhere on the website. Who can help?


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Did you get an answer to this. I would like to add additional chimes and can see this possible for the wired version but says not for the battery version, not sure why this should be?

Nope, now answer. Only thing I know is dat it is not possible. You have to use you’re phone as a chime

Hi there - any news on this? If I can’t add an additional bell, the doorbell is pretty useless if your flat is bigger than 50sqm :face_with_thermometer:


Is there already some news on this?

Cause i can’t find any option to have an extra chime besides the Homebase. (Or change to a wired doorbell)

It would be nice to have an extra chime upstairs that works with the battery doorbell… or at least a good intergration with google home, so that an google nest hub will let me know when someone is at the door…

I have an email from a lady at EUFY dated 24.2.21, stating they are releasing the additional chime for the battery doorbell next month, I.e. March. I sincerely hope so because I need at least two because my Homebase is shut in the study and difficult to hear by my family when I am out.

Any word on additional ringers coming?

try the dedicated community for Eufy security.