Adding partner removes my homebase and doorbell

I tried 3 times to add my partner but the system keeps removing my homebase2 and doorbell identity
So I am looking for a way to add my partner and keeping my login data
Who knows the answer?

Hmm maybe @Tank knows how to :+1:

Your doing it wrong if your deleting the hombase and doorbell.
Please follow these instructions:

Each user needs to create their own account and access is granted through the primary account holder.

From the main app click the 3 bars top left> click family and guest> click the add button> choose the type of access you want them to have and click next> choose the devices they can access and click next> enter their email.

Once they get the email each user has to create their own account and then they can access what they were granted permission.

Make sure that if you are using the US server your partner creates an account on the same, vice versa for the UK server. This is important when creating your partners account.

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