adding eufy battery camera to eufy wireless doorbell

Are there Eufy battery powered/wireless security cameras (outdoors) that I can add to an existing Eufy 2k Wireless Video Doorbell, so it complements this?

I guess my question is that the camera system seem to have their own base station as well as the wireless doorbell. So is the doorbell really a separate product that has to have it’s own base station (with disk capacity) and iPhone app?

In other words is there a way to only have to buy a battery Eufy security camera only (no basestation) and just add it to the Eufy wireless doorbell so that:
a) it uses the same base station (i.e. no need to buy another - guess there’s a capacity limitation issue there)
b) it uses the same iPhone app, so when you’re using the app you can see the doorbell or security camera video.

One example might be: You see delivery person on doorbell and ask them to put it under carport area, so you flick across to this camera for a bit, then back to the front doorbell.


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