Adding a second Homebase 2

Hi, due to terrible range issues, I have managed to source a second Homebase 2 to add to my existing setup of

1x Homebase 2
2x Eufycam 2
4x Eufycam 2C

Is it recommended that I pair each camera to the nearest Basestation, or have them all remain on the original and use the second almost as a range extender?

I did notice a good boost to signal leaving them all on the original Basestation, but having woken up today, I have 1 camera offline and the others are struggling to connect to either live or recorded footage.

I have tried both Wifi and ethernet connections and every configuration between the two basestations to see which works best, along with powerline connecters closer to my cameras, but am at a loss.

I’m at my wits end, any help appreciated.

Yes, this would be your best option.

Without a camera being attached to the second, it would essentially just be another Homebase (unused) on your network, it would not act as a repeater or extender for the cameras on the original Homebase…as the link is between the camera and the paired Homebase.

I’ve set this up again today. And (fingers crossed) it does seem to be more stable.

Thanks for the reply!

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Good to know :slightly_smiling_face:

So you need to “map” the radio strength of where you need to place your cameras and homebase. To simulate the homebase and simulate the camera I am going to suggest similar systems you should readily have.

As a roundabout way to map, get any old router or access point, doesn’t need to be online just broadcasting 2.4Ghz Wifi and then use an app on your phone like This is detecting 2.4Ghz radio signal strength, not exactly the same as Homebase but a good proxy. Your phone/tablet will show the relative signal strength better/worse as you tune where the Wifi AP is.

Then place your phone / tablet close to where the camera needs to be and observe the Wifi strength.

Move the Wifi AP (pretending to be a homebase) around where you can ultimately place your homebase. Your homebase ideally (as you mentioned Powerline) be at the “nearest” electrical socket to the camera - where “nearest” is where you get the best signal. Signals degrade to the inverse square of distance and reduces marketedly through concrete / brick, less through wood. Example good places for bases are roof spaces it tends to be only wood to the outside world less brick than lower down.

When you mapped your area to find the best location for bases using the proxy of the Wifi AP + phone, then place your actual bases there and Ethernet connect via Powerline to your router.