Addendum : Pro+ and Flare

As I got these two speakers for reviewing at,
which I did of course,
I wrote a review comparing those two.

After a while using both alternatively, I came to a decision.
But please these are only my 2 cents :slight_smile:

At least I do like the FLARE more.

Not because of that “light organ”
which is really not useful for an “old boy” listening to classical music. :slight_smile:

There are two things which make the FLARE really special:

  1. The special feel. (German : Haptik (use dict please))
    eg. If you take this speaker in your hand: It’s really fine and pleasant.
    The human hand is build to take things upright.
    So it’s much better than another speaker.
    Like a bottle, like a can.
    The textile coating is really touching fine, catchy I would say.

The bad chemical smell of this coating is vanishing after a while.
ANKER should really mention this!
There were some negative comments about, I have seen.

  1. The 360° sound. As you are invited to carry that speaker around,
    you will do this a lot and really find out many places were to put getting a perfect sound.

In my opinion the ANKER’s development department should go for a Super FLARE ++ :heart_eyes:
Adding a function as power bank would be perfect.

This kind of speaker’s type is the future!


Oh man I would love a supersized flare, I can out it right in the middle of a room with my projector and have movie night every night and parties would be amazing with the 360 sound


Don’t forget, Flare+ ($99.99) is releasing in August and includes a USB output for charging other devices!


If they add stereo pairing to the Model Zero+, it could fulfill the role of a supersized Flare, minus the lights, right?

Whow, did’nt know this model.
Indeed, seems to be a a new design.
Very stylish.
But not only the outfit is important. :wink: