Add Touch ID / Face ID to authentication

Love the Cams but have to type the password into the app every time another person in the household looked at the app and logged me out.
Can you add Touch ID / Face ID iPhone authentication? Would improve the experience significantly!
Great job Anker!

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This would be a great addition to the eufycam app! The eufy team sadly seems to be unaware of there users, and all there suggestions. @yamyam would know better if there is a plan for this type of addition.

It doesn’t seem like it would be that hard since many other apps have this type of integration. Hopefully eufy/anker sees your plea and adds this support to the app :+1:


… why putting the cart before the horse?!

The solution would be to NOT or NEVER log out any user, if he don’t wants it or asked for it, like any other software or app!

If i log into the app and check “never lof me out dude, never, even if my hubby starts the app and logs in 100 times a day!” … then this should be a very clear case and command :point_up:

By the way:
Your mentioned Touch ID / Face ID login is already planned since months and should be available May/June 2019 … oh wait … we already have May/June … :blush: … so it may come Q1 or Q2 2020 :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


That’s awesome news, thanks for such quick reply! Have an awesome day!


Nice bit of information there @yamyam

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@yamyam You are the EufyCam Master!


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If he’s the master, and I summoned him, does that make me the eufy master summoner?

No, that just makes you Aladdin!


Did you watch the recent Disney Aladdin :joy:

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I did! Wife said it was going to be good! I slept soooo good during that movie that my wife nudged me because I was snoring! A couple of times!


I’ve got summoned?! :scream:

Ok … according to my age i would say that i am Yoda….

…and you are my Padawan! :grin:

… and my bro @Ice1 is R2D2 :robot:


I agree!! It’s always apprecaited when apps integrate with what the OS offers

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am yet to watch it… but Aladdin looks like poised to bring in more money to Disney… Per internet news it grossed $600 million worldwide… Kids may like /love it :smiley:, adults not so much :confused:

I tell my apps that Samsung will remember my stuff, and each time on almost all android apps, I just tap my thumb!

I agree that biometric login would be great, but if you are wanting to provide access to others, you might want to try using a separate account(s). I set an account up for my wife, then added her as an Admin (Menu > Family & Guests > “+”). You can actually initiate this from the app, which will send them an email and prompt them to create an account.

This way, both my wife and I receive notifications and have access to cameras without logging each other out of the app. :slight_smile:

Great hint for multiple users at one hombase environment @ichthus14 :thumbsup:

But this will not solve the issue in the following case of only one user at one environment:
Every time i log into the web portal, i get kicked out of the app and vice versa.
And i do not like this behaviour and i also do not want to create a 2nd account to avoid this.

Current solution:
i do not use the web portal at all … anyway quite useless without an expensive cloud subscription, so it does not bother me a lot, but it is just annoying to get kicked out.

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LOL… I like that :thumbsup: :sunglasses:

I too quit logging into web portal as it doesn’t do any thing for me… I wanted it big time though to be able to set motion zones easily (better than in the phone) and download the events I would like to save to my hard drive… saves time from downloading them on the phone and copying to my PC and storing in a hard drive…
what a pain…
@AnkerOfficial @AnkerTechnical I hope you can sense a little bit of frustration here…
Why it is like that???

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