Add Some Bass | Browse Exclusive Audio Deals on AliExpress

Anker is discounting several audio products on AliExpress from August 27 through August 31.

Notable discounts include Soundcore Motion B, PowerPort 2, PowerLine+ Cable, SoundCore Mini, SoundBuds Slim, and SoundCore Boost, but there are additional deals on other Anker products, as well!

Paired with coupons, these great prices become even better!

Are you a frequent AliExpress shopper? If so, will you be adding to your Anker collection with this sale? Let us know what you get!


Thanks 4 sharing!!! :ok_hand:

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Great Deals

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I think there were some issues with 18 month warranty when items were purchased at Aliexpress ? correct me if i’m wrong.

Aliexpress has it’s own warranty policy that its vendors must follow, so correct the 18 month warranty doesn’t apply for items brought through Aliexpress.

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nice but I own all but the motion q and i just got the Surges in the mail today from the Powerdraw a few weeks ago. I almost bought the Life 2s when I saw that deal but I have the Vortex already and really just don’t need them lol. Thanks for the post Aliexpress is cool, I got an Anker magnetic car mount and charger from there. Sweet deals but the shipping can take a while.