Add-On Cameras Available

Apparently add-on cameras are now available Add-On Cameras…But the price is too high in my opinion.

Thanks for sharing. Typically the new products drop in price by about 30% a month or two after release.

I don’t know if you saw the 30% off coupon.


30% off for EufyCam E…not the original camera

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The eufy cameras look very nice. But price is too much imo.

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I guess eufycam E is an improved version of the original

I think I remember reading that both cameras had the same capabilities and internal parts in a different case. But I could be mistaken.

@AnkerOfficial care to weigh in?

Agreed, lets see What @AnkerOfficial has to say !

From the description of the E I don’t see the facial recognition AI, am I right?

True, at least from the web page. It might be a cheaper version available without AI then.

In terms of the Eufycam E vs the Eufycam: This is according to Eufy on their Kickstarter.

The main difference between the two is the IP rating and the look of the cam. The eufycam E has IP65, and the eufycam has IP67.

They BOTH have the facial recognition technology, it just depends on which homebase you have them connected to. There will be a Homebase E that comes out in the future which will not contain facial recognition or a backup battery, and will be cheaper because of this. For the home bases that come with the Eufycam, the same ones you purchased backed here on Kickstarter, you will get all the same features as the normal eufycam with the eufycam E.

The difference between IP65 and IP67. … This means that the electronic pressure switch PSD-30 meets the ingress protection IP65, i.e., it is dust-proof and protected against splash water. It also meets the ingress protection IP67, i.e., it is additionally also protected against temporary immersion in water.

Hope to receive 30% coupon on 2/20/2019 like they said i would get!

I received one but only for 15%off, not the 30% I registered for…

@AnkerOfficial Where o where can my 30% coupon could be… o where o where can it be!? Come on we were promised a 30% on 2/20 to purchase the new Eufy E Cam? Don’t break a promise guys… we were your original Backers. @EufyOfficial

I would really like to get one of these security cams but I already have a first gen Arlo. It would be a big upgrade but the price is just killing me, even with 30% off. I can wait for a couple of months until the price drops or a 50% off original price!

Couple of months may not take the price to 50%, I have been following Arlo deals before backing eufycams on Kickstarter and they don’t go lower than 30% I believe.

@AnkerOfficial so you’ve made the eufy E camera (without the AI functionality) available on Amazon in the UK for £139.99, but when is the original camera going to be available to buy in the UK as an add-on?

And how do we get the promised 30% discount in the UK?

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Why havent they answered any of the posts???

AI is in the homebase, the cameras have the same functionality

Yup. Only difference seems to be the design, and the IP rating on EufyCam E is 65 vs 67.

Oh, and, ‘System operation continue during power outage’ is a No for EufyCam E, but not sure if this is also related to the HomeBase version you have.

that’s due to the homebase e not having an internal battery

My homebase doesn’t work without internet so would make no difference to me unless I got a ups for my router