Add a Splash of Color to Your Valentine’s Day

Hey Anker Fans!

According to the latest research coming out of the Anker headquarters (aka my 5-second Google search), 62% of adults celebrate Valentine’s Day. Whether or not you belong to that group, we’re sure that 100% of you will celebrate the news we’ve got for you today.

To make sure you have the best possible gift choice for Valentine’s, we’re delighted to announce the official release of a new range of colorful portable chargers in both fabric and classic finishes. Not only that, we’re offering huge heartfelt discounts of up to 30% off!

A few more things to love about this portable charger:

  • 10,000mAh capacity for multiple charges on-the-go
  • Slim, compact, and lightweight design
  • High-speed charging and recharging with Power Delivery
  • Compatible with a huge range of phones and tablets

If you’re married, single, playing the field, observing the field, retired from the field or whatever, you can still pick up one of these sexy portable chargers for yourself or for someone else. With a total of 7 spectacular colors to match every palette, we’ve got something for everyone.

Check out the full list of colors below:

Buy Now: Terracotta Rose, Deep-Sea Indigo, Arctic White, Dark Olive

Buy Now: Sun-Kissed Coral, Venetian Red, Winter Sage

Power On!


  1. Quantity is limited. First come, first served

  2. Only the above-mentioned colors are eligible for discount

  3. US residents only

  4. All rights reserved by Anker Innovations


Can not take part, doesnt matter at all.
Beside that variety of colors the quality is the “first rule”.
I prefer black.

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Love the different colors.


Finally we got some colors. I want the blue one for my wife and the red or olive color for me

Not normally into colour variations but the Winter Sage looks nice :heart_eyes:

I’m liking that color, too!

Is there a UK release date for these?
Not currently on (that i could see)
Love the Venetian Red and Winter Sage.

Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day ? Lol
Anker may not be aware

Awesome range of PowerCore Colors!!! :heart::two_hearts:

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Deep sea indigo and venetian red look sweet!


I love the dark olive color :heart_eyes:

nice color palette

Ooh I’m liking Sun Kissed Coral and Winter Sage!!

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Anyone here getting one for their significant other?


I already got one of these early :wink: the Sun-Kissed Coral



Significant other…no no no!
When these come out in the UK I’ll be tempted to get one for me!


Nice bro! Enjoy! :+1:

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Lol you gonna treat yourself, which color are you going for?

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Probably Winter Sage, but also like Venetian Red and Deep Sea Indigo. And no, I’m not getting all three! :rofl:
I’ve got the 20000 Essential PD which is awesome but a bit heavy. So a 10000mah would be more an everyday carry item :+1:t2:

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Is it cloth finish both sides or just the top @Shenoy ?

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