Actual price for new PowerCore 26800

What’s the correct price for the PowerCore 26800?

I saw on the email promotion that it’s priced at $59.99.
With limited promo codes it was 50% off at $29.99.

Now has it at $49.99 regular no sale price.

Now I see it on Amazon priced at $99.99.
But currently it’s on sale 50% off at $49.99.

What’s with the price difference? Is Amazon marketing it up 50% to then give 50% off?

Amazon always writes higher prices than it actually is worth to make it seem like you are getting a better deal.

Yes, since right below the deal price they put how much you are saving.

.Kinda misleading. People will actually look at how much they’re saving and will buy it based on that.

I suspect it’s the retailer and not Amazon who are in control of that, but I stand to be corrected.

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I have not received the promotional code

This is what I was trying to get at the other day suggesting that Anker should just sell at the real price. They should make a point that they are always good value and not hide behind inflated pretend prices. I’m pretty sure there was a law passed in the UK recently about this too.

Across all of the Anker products there is a ridiculously high “price” struck through and “sale” which the actual price.

Yes I observed the 26800 was for $60 when the 50% was on offer then dropped to $50, I looked yesterday and out of stock.

We all know what is happening don’t we?:wink:

The UK you can’t offer a sale unless it has been up for sale at the original price. I don’t think that applies in USA?

“Amazon always” ?

It varies, here are 2 UK examples. Under UK law (as I understand it) that higher price must have been its price for at least 28 consecutive days, before the sale.

I was exaggerating. But they do it a lot. Don’t you think?

Pretty much every Item I’ve seen on Amazon looks like your making a massive saving based on the RRP of the manufacturer and in many cases yes, you are making a saving but just not as much as they are leading you to believe…