Active Thunderbolt 3 Cables

Dear Anker:

Please consider making active thunderbolt 3 cables. I am not alone in the frustration of all the ridiculously short passive cables on the market.
Especially for direct connections from laptop to monitor or from laptop to eGPU a longer cable would help out a lot!
Please consider it. I think there is a market for it now that everyone is hopping on the thunderbolt train.


It would be great for them to do it

If I am not mistaken, once you hit the 6ft mark in length for cables, then you start sacrificing data transfer speeds

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Well for passive copper cables you start to lose speed as of about 1.6 - 2 feet. For active copper cables the maximum length is around 6.6 feet.
They are however working on optical thunderbolt 3 cables that can be insanely long. I think the leading company for this is Corning.

They’ve brought out optical cables for both thunderbolt and thunderbolt 2 and are working on thunderbolt 3.

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