Activate the discount code for PowerPort Atom PD1

@AnkerOfficial please reactivate the 27% discount code at for the PowerPort Atom PD1. It was a very fair price point with the code. Currently price is a bit to high.

It takes turn :wink: It’s other products’ turn to be on discount at this very moment

That is sadly. I was one day to late. Otherwise I would have ordered it an would done a Germany review for the iPad Pro 2020. @AnkerOfficial can you say at what date you plan to reduce the price again? Or can you offer a good bundle price with a Powerline III USB-C to USB-C kable 180cm and the Atom PD1?

I suppose @AnkerOfficial can not offer you something very special. :wink:

Marketing, prizes are made by professionals and depend on many aspects.
eg. Production, expected needs in different countries, shipping, price etc.

Germany is not the smallest, but not the most important market.
You should take this aspect always in consideration,.:grinning:

@Chiquinho I did not as for a special price only for me. I just proposed a general bundle price with discount. Regarding economical aspects I can understand your comment, but if you are able to give 27% on the charger only it shut be possible to make on a bundle an attractive price point as well. Specially if you have a nighter gross margin.

Hope you will get a more satisfying answer from the officials here!

Hi @pop.f sad to see the discount is gone when you want to use it.
Keep watching this space @Chiquinho always finds nice deails for DE fellows :grinning:

Hey @pop.f

I would say, please keep an eye on Deals & Discount as well as News & Announcements section on Anker community.

Lot of deals are posted here regularly, including those for PowerPort Atom PD1, and subscribe to for deals and newsletters, they send deals frequently!