Ace reviews?

The new Soundcore ace recently became available in Canada. Just wondering if anyone has one, I didn’t see any reviews when I searched the forum.


It looks like I’d you get it, you’ll be the first to review

I have not seen any reviews for it… you should buy it and review it!

Yeah buy it :joy:

so cute! you should buy it

I’ve had it for a couple of weeks now and it’s a very impressive little speaker. The sound is very clear and sounds great, for a little speaker it really packs a punch.

So far I’ve tested it with some rock, and songs from various eras, and each song sounded really good even when it was just playing between 35-40% volume.

I had it in the kitchen playing, and could still hear it clear as day from a couple of rooms away.

If I get a chance I’ll post a full review. :slight_smile:


I guess you didn’t get it from the power user program?

Nope, it was brought from Amazon when it had £4 off so took the plunge and got myself one. :slight_smile: @TechMan


I thought about getting it on the power user page, but I decided I had better use for the icon mini. I need it’s durability for my uses.

So I’ll get the icon mini if ever goes on the poweruser page, or if it goes on sale.

Are you part of the power user program?

Yes I am :grin:

Cool congrats man :sunglasses:


good for you man

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I ordered it in the end so we’ll see how it goes.

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looking forward for your review